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Industrial Organizational Psychology is a specialty focus within the very broad discipline of Psychology. Operating as a distinct division (division 14) of the American Psychological Association (APA), Industrial Organizational Psychology concerns itself with the psychological dynamics of people in work environments. People influence the work environment and the workplace has an impact on people. Additionally, work and non-work (i.e., home) are not separate worlds. What happens in either of these places affects the other.

Although Industrial Organizational Psychology is less well known than other types of psychology such as counseling or clinical psychology, its scope of practice and research is very broad. Individual differences, social dynamics, organization culture, team development, cognitive processes, psychological biases, personality testing and development are just a sample of the domain of Industrial Organizational Psychology. And, unlike most other divisions of the APA, I/O Psychology typically works with high functioning populations that are much more difficult to understand or manage. These are talented people with the power and skill to influence entire organizations. Simply put: the "tool chest" of an I/O psychologist must include the knowledge and skill to deal with everything from executive leadership to organization change.

Psychways is the blog for Talentlift. Here you will find articles discussing issues of psychology applied at work (and non-work). These posts have been carefully constructed to reveal insights from evidence backed psychological research addressing timely, important, relatively misunderstood (or not even known) issues and phenomena. In addition, they have been written in common language (i.e., minimal "psycho-babble") and in some cases, a witty, but not necessarily academic style. The intent is to resonate with a broad reader population, for some by the wisdom of practical advice and tips, for others more so by the editorial style of the writing. Although all material is grounded in proper scientific research, it doesn't have to be written so that only a doctoral student would appreciate it.

There is quite a lot of material covered in Psychways. From biases that compromise our judgment to tips on how to manage contemporary psychological issues. There is no shortage of topics when it comes to psychology in the workplace because everything in the workplace (and world) actually depends on psychology. We cannot escape the reality that everything we know, feel or do is influenced by psychology -- even if that involves writing computer code or simply taking time to "smell the roses."

Consider how much time people spend at work and the range of psychological factors in play. Think about the devastating impact of one bad hire. Ask yourself if your work is bringing out the best in you or if your work really is "just work." This is just the "tip of the iceberg" for I/O Psychology. The fate of any organization depends on its people, and the well-being of people depends on the work environment. Every day is like a new docudrama with high stakes, high functioning and highly powerful talent in an increasingly complex workplace.

Industrial Organizational Psychology applies scientific insights from strictly manged and monitored research to understand, predict and influence people at work. Would you like to make excellent decisions about people? Is the job you currently hold making the best use of your talents, meeting your true career dreams and aspirations? Consulting an expert in I/O Psychology may be your best decision of all.

Talentlift would love to take that call.