Talentlift Services

Talentlift services are organized in categories that include Assessment, Development and Talent Consulting.




Talent Match Report (TMR)

  • Job Analysis
  • Assessment Design
  • Custom Reports
    • Job Fit Profile & Score
    • Development Plan

(Immediate turnaround)

Talent Insight & Potential (TIP)

  • Job Analysis
  • Online Assessments
  • 1-page Written Report
  • Hiring Party Feedback
  • Candidate Feedback

(1-day turnaround)

Talent Insight & Potential+ (TIP+™)

  • Online Assessments
  • In-depth Psychological Interview
  • 3-page Written Report
  • Hiring Party Feedback
  • Candidate Feedback

(2-day turnaround)





Individual Coaching & Counsel

  • Executive Coaching
    • Full Psychometric Assessment
      • 360 Assessment
      • Personality
      • Psychological Interview
    • 16+ hrs Coaching
      • Personal Development Plan
      • Progress Reviews
  • Career Guidance & Counseling
    • Targeted Career Strategy
      • Comprehensive Psychometrics
      • Job Profiling & Matching
    • Career Coaching & Support
      • Mid-Career Job Changes
      • Sustaining Motivation
      • Skill Building
        • Interview Strategy & Skill
        • Communications
        • Networking

Team Development

  • In-situ Team Assessments
  • Custom Team Building Exercises & Retreats
  • Team Visioning & Strategy Facilitation
  • Team Capability & Compatibility Assessment
  • Team Coaching & Development

Culture Shaping

  • Mission, Vision, Values Embedding
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Communications Strategy & Support
    • Values-based Incentives
  • Toxic Leader Management
  • Culture Audits





Strategic Talent Consulting

  • Performance Management Design
  • Corporate Goal Alignment
  • Automated Prehire Assessment Systems
  • Future Leader & Workforce Planning
  • Employee Engagement (Assessment & Action Plan)
  • Key Role/Player ID & Development
  • Talent Audits



Studies are clear: Work may be the single most important determinant of health.

At Talentlift, we truly believe that we're saving lives. And Talentlift's consultants take this responsibility seriously and with the utmost care. By improving the 'fit' between individuals and their work and workplace, Talentlift services create a mutually beneficial relationship that makes both stronger and healthier. By enhancing the performance of people with our targeted development programs, we see their engagement and satisfaction go up. When talent is fulfilled by their work, organizations thrive. Our greatest pride is helping individuals and organizations to make the world of work (with benefits well beyond the workplace) a healthier and more fulfilling place. To do one's best at what they love goes beyond "renewable energy." It's generative energy. More begets more when you're "saving lives."

Like any proper health check, Talentlift services start with a thorough assessment of individuals' perspectives, workplace demands and culture, group dynamics and a host of other important, but sometimes unconsidered, psychological influences.

To be clear: we are NOT retailers (i.e. "products with consultants") -- although we do carry plenty of world-class assessments. We are consultants with products. We don't contract with test vendors so that we can avoid constraints or conflicts. Whatever the situation calls for, we've got it or can get it. We're licensed by the best global vendors.

What seems simple from one perspective is quite elaborate from another. At Talentlift, we see the "big picture" and the fine details. Even a small gap in understanding can snowball into a big mess in execution. That's why Talentlift services start with valid and practical assessment. Different needs call for different kinds of assessment, and we never go below understanding your specific situation and goals. This allows us to make informed decisions about whether and what deeper assessment may be needed while not over reaching with assessments that won't add value.

Most of the time, "saving lives" is more about avoiding the causes of the alternative. We not only can help you out of a jam, we give you an "assurance policy" to insure continued benefits long after we're gone.

Health Assurance = Accurate Assessment + Proactive Decisions

Make no mistake, we're managing our own health. We know we need to deliver mutually beneficial solutions. So we listen to learn and work with a "sharp pencil." We explain WHY our solutions will create value before we start, and prove THAT they do after we've begun. For many of our clients, scientific proof is not what matters most - the impacts are obvious - but we provide this evidence-backed data to support the validity of our engagement at the highest levels of scrutiny.