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Talentlift consultants deliver talent solutions to build and support strength in talent and organizations. From laser-focused career counseling to precision profiling and assessment for staffing; from comprehensive executive coaching and systemic leadership development (i.e., cognitive, emotional, behavioral) to strategy-focused, future leader succession planning, Talentlift consultants help to "lift" you and your talent to a new level.

Talentlift consultants have helped organizations and individuals to navigate the increasingly complex and ever changing world of work to win in the marketplace and exceed expectations. We know how critical it is to deliver the very best in evidence-based solutions -- FOR YOU! Many consultants rely on what we call, "using your best club" solutions(?) because that's what they're most comfortable with (on the course). But it's rarely what's really needed. And a little difference in upstream scoping leads to big disconnects and turbulence in downstream consequences. Talentlift consultants start with a keen understanding of you and your organization, then applies not just the latest science-backed practices, but also the best fitting, to insure the greatest return on your investment. And with every engagement we work with you to develop clear metrics for measuring progress. We hold ourselves (and, yes, you too) accountable for superior results.

Talentlift Consultants: Expertise. Service. Results.

R. Chris Steilberg, Ph.D.

About Us | R Chris Steilberg, PhD

Chris brings a visionary, but clear-eyed, perspective to organization solutions. An uniquely practical innovator, he delivers bold solutions; scientifically sound; but unnecessarily bound by convention. "Extraordinary results can't be achieved via ordinary practice." His innovations have challenged convention beyond the workplace to overturn the way scientists think about long-standing issues in performance and tenure. Chris' differentiating characteristic is his insatiable curiosity combined with prolific creativity. "Dream big. Never assume. Play to win versus not lose." His insights are most sought after by organizations and individuals ready to address the unvarnished truth and breakout of convention. Disruption can be expected. Anything less will not keep pace, nor long survive, in today's light-speed race.

Dedicated to Practical, Sustainable Results

"Sustainability is CRITICAL to success." Great solutions can be completely rejected if they aren't carefully integrated with strategy and culture. They also must be flexible to withstand constant change.

Professional and Community Affiliations

Chair, SIOP special committee for I/O certification
Member (Sterling Circle), Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology
Member, American Psychological Association
Board Member, South Florida Progress Foundation (past)


PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, The Georgia Institute of Technology

BA with honors, Psychology, The University of the South

Suzanne B. Origlio, Ph.D.

Photo of Talentlift Consultants: Suzanne Origlio, PhD


Suzanne is a corporate psychologist who has been consulting with organizations for over twenty years. She has extensive knowledge of corporate culture and a deep understanding of what makes companies thrive as well as a proven track record of helping companies increase productivity and profit as a result of her work. Her areas of specialty include employee selection, individual assessment, leadership assimilation, coaching and development, team building, and career guidance.

Professional and Community Affiliations

Member, American Psychological Association

Member, Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology

Member, Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13 of APA)


PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, The Georgia Institute of Technology

BA , Psychology, University of Florida

MentorCoach, LLC training (31 hours)

Kelly E. DeLucia, MBA, SPHR

Talentlift Consultants: Kelly Delucia

Kelly has direct, hands-on experience working with and leading large teams in Fortune 50 companies where strong leadership and operational excellence are critical.  In addition to her passion for talent management and development, she has led large-scale systemic change in some of the largest family services organizations.


Kelly earned bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Political Science from the University of Florida, and later returned to UF to pursue her Master in Business Administration.

Professional Affilitations

Member, Society of Human Resources

Talentlift Consultants = Experienced and Innovative Consulting

Talentlift consultants aren't just good with the "mechanics" of I/O Psychology. We've made notable contributions to the knowledge base of I/O Psychology. Our research on employee turnover¹ has been recognized as one of the most influential in 100 years². And we've experience consulting around the world with diverse organizations and clients. We know what works -- and what doesn't.

Today's world is littered with thousands of assessments. Technology has enabled substantial improvements to some types of assessment, but it has also created a lot of "noise."

We know how much "junk" there is being pushed through the internet. Consider this: There are (many) more assessments in the market than there are people qualified to design them (i.e., psychometricians). Technology may be making things TOO easy to be "published."

Our combination of knowledge, technological expertise and real-world experience (admittedly, not all good) has given us the depth and breadth known as, "wisdom." This is a very unique capability in the field of I/O psychology. There were fewer than 1,000 I/O psychologists in SIOP when we joined the ranks. Now there are over 6,000.

We've been around long enough to have used calculators to do stats, but remain nimble enough to use the latest (good) technology.

(For a fun, scientifically sound read, check out Psychways, the Talentlift consultants blog.)


¹ Kacmar, K. M., Andrews, M. C., Van Rooy, D. L., Steilberg, R. C., Cerrone, S. J. (2006). Sure, everyone can be replaced ... but at what cost? Turnover as a predictor of unit-level performance. Academy of Management Journal, 49(1), 133-144. DOI: 10.5465/AMJ.2006.20785670
² Hom, P. W., Lee, T. W., Shaw, J. D., & Hausknecht, J. P. (2017). One hundred years of employee turnover theory and research. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(3), 530-545. DOI: 10.1037/apl0000103