Our Services

Studies are clear: Work may be the single most important determinant of health.

At Talentlift, we believe we're saving lives. By improving the 'fit' between individuals and their work/organization with our matching solutions, we build relationships that make both healthier. By enhancing the performance of people with our targeted development programs, we see their engagement and satisfaction go up. By making people better, we make organizations better. Ultimately, we help individuals and organizations realize that they are making a BIG difference in the world. Saving lives.


Like any health check, we start with a thorough assessment (psychological, in our case) so that we know exactly what to do (or recommend) and exactly how to do it. From key individual selection decisions to full-scale organization change, we apply the same basic formula:

Health = Accurate Assessment + Proactive Decisions

We also know that we live in a real world. We know we need to deliver positive financial impact. We explain WHY our solutions will before we start, and prove THAT they do after we've begun.


Our goals are lofty, but our actions are swift and sure. A few of our most popular products and services are listed, below. (We know they'll make you be better).


Talent Match Report (TMR™)

    • Job Analysis
    • Assessment Validation
    • Custom Report Generation
    • — Selection Report
    • — On-boarding Template
    • — Development Plan

    (Immediate turnaround)

Talent Insight & Potential (TIP™)

  • Administration of most Valid Assessments
  • Summary Results in 1-page Report
  • Feedback & Counsel with Hiring Party
  • Candidate Feedback (optional)


(1-day turnaround)

Talent Insight & Potential+ (TIP+™)

  • Administration of most Valid Assessments
  • In-depth Psychological Interview
  • Summary Results in 3-page Report
  • Feedback & Counsel with Hiring Party
  • Feedback & Counsel with Candidate

(2-day turnaround)


Executive Coaching

  • Full Psychometric Assessment
    • 360 Assessment
    • Personality
    • Bio-data
  • 16 + hours Coaching (Case Dependent)
    • Personal Development Plan
    • Progress Reviews
  • Change Assessment and Career Plan

Team Development

  • Team Building
  • Team Strategy
  • Team Capability Assessment
  • Team Coaching & Development

Culture Shaping

  • Culture Audit
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Cascading Team Objectives
  • Individuals in "The Big Picture"


Talent Consulting

    • Performance Management
    • Corporate Goal Alignment
    • High Potential Programs
    • Executive Succession Planning
    • Employee Engagement
    • Key Role/Player Identification & Development
    • General Talent Consulting